The Pebble and the Boy

Chris Green

Michael Knowles

Chris Green

Patrick McNamee
Sacha Parkinson
Patsy Kensit

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A boy, his father’s ashes and a road trip of discovery on a 1963 Lambretta inspired by Mods and the music of Paul Weller.

When John’s estranged father Phil is knocked off his scooter and killed in an accident, John finds himself inheriting a home dominated by memories of him in the shape of Mod memorabilia, a fishtail parka and a smashed up Lambretta. Overwhelmed by guilt and loss, John wishes he had spent more time with his father and indulged him in his love for all things scooters and music. Reading his dads old books about Mod’s, John decides that the best way to honour his dad is by riding to Brighton on the scooter, the spiritual home of the Mods to scatter his father’s ashes into the sea. On the road to Brighton, John meets Mod friends of his father and discovers that Phil was a brilliant dancer, a political activist and a Mod to be reckoned with. John is joined along the way by the free spirited Nicki and the wayward Logan, but when they arrive in Brighton ready to honour his father they discover something else about Phil. A shocking family secret that has been buried for years.

ENGLAND UK | English | 2021 | 113 mins