David Blair

Michael Knowles
Richard Turner
Terry Stone

David Quantick

Ian Hart
Emma Stansfield
Kevin Doyle
Eric McNichol

It’s 1991. John Lennon’s 50, cynical and on the dole. He walked out on the Beatles just before they released their first single, and he’s been on the run ever since.

While his old band make a good living on the nostalgia circuit, Lennon sits in a rented flat smoking roll-ups and slagging off the world. Most of all, he hates “Snodgrass,” his word for any jobsworth, any official, any yuppie – anyone who conforms, in other words. Snodgrass is the story of what happens when your dreams don’t come true, when all your opportunities are missed, and one day there’s nowhere left to run. It’s also the greatest alternative Beatles film ever made. 

Part of the SKYArts Playhouse Presents Series.

‘A miniature masterpiece of disappointment and regret’