Vampire kitchen sink

Director: Wash Westmoreland
Producer: Michael Knowles
Writer: Wash Westmoreland/ Richard Glatzer

Hello Darkness is the story of Mark Cooper – a working-class vampire. He is someone who hit his prime in the early nineteen-sixties and, by feeding on the blood of others, has never left it. Now in the twenty-first century he is dislocated, bored – frustrated with the same routine. He lives with Rachel, his anchor for four decades. Long ago Cooper offered to convert her, but she chose to remain mortal and grow older, leaving her in an uneasy role somewhere between wife and mother. Their relationship is an uneasy haven for both of them. But it is all about to change… They live in Leeds, a town famed for its rowdy Saturday nights – ideal feeding grounds for Cooper, who usually manages to avoid too much attention. But the accidental death of one of his pick-ups leads to a manhunt for the “Yorkshire Vampire Killer.” Forced by his thirst to venture back into town, Cooper meets a beautiful posh university student, Lucy. Entranced by her youth and vitality, he starts to fall for her, and she reciprocates even though he seems like someone from another world. But their union brings nothing but trouble: tensions with Rachel quickly reach the boiling point, while the suspicions of Lucy’s ex and his crew lead them to hunt the vampire down and try to kill him.