Director: David Blair
Producers: Michael Knowles. Richard Turner, Terry Stone
Writers: Andrew Kirk
Stars: Joely RichardsonRobert SheehanDavid O’Hara

We all want to believe in life after death and imagine loved ones looking over us, feel their presence in a draft of air, or the faint essence of a familiar smell. It’s what we crave, knowing they wait for us. But Jack isn’t waiting – they won’t leave him alone. Some might call Jack a troubled soul, at odds with the world, unable to conform. If you saw him in the pub – disheveled and drunk, talking to himself – you’d stay well away, think he was disturbed somehow, crazy. But Jack has a sharp mind and a razor wit. It’s not that he doesn’t want to live a normal life, he can’t. They won’t let him. The Messenger was developed and produced by NoW Films’ Michael Knowles in collaboration with Flare Film (Messenger) Limited.